Dutch fibre connections

Fibre connections in the Netherlands

To all companies with plans to open a branch in the Netherlands

Nowadays the internet is an integral part of any modern business. And if you are a company who is ever expanding its horizons and is always on the lookout for new opportunities, you probably have invested in a broadband connection that runs on a fibre network. A fibre network offers unsurpassed reliability and peace of mind. And once used to such reliability you do not want anything else. Neither at your headquarters in your home country, nor at your (future) branch in The Netherlands.

Every week I assist customers from countries all over the world who are looking for a broadband connection in The Netherlands. It is not always easy to get connected to the Internet when you are not located in The Netherlands and do not have an account manager to take care of things. Every country is different, and The Netherlands is no exception. To get connected easily you need to know all the ins and outs of the trade. Besides that there is also the language barrier. If you do not know the language it makes more difficult to get what you need.

Of all fibre networks in The Netherlands, KPN’s network is the most comprehensive. And if you need a fiber internet connection there is a good chance that you will call IP Visie to get that connection. As a Platinum Business Partner of KPN’s IP Visie is one of the largest data specialists in the country. When you are looking for an internet connection on any given location in The Netherlands, do not hesitate to contact me. At the moment our website is in the process of being translated into English. But if you call or email me, I can answer all your questions in your own language.

A dedicated team of professionals can answer any questions you might have. If you already have a presence in The Netherlands and are looking around to open a second branch, you should know that a fibre connection can be used for more than just an internet connection. Two or more branches can be connected to one another via Ethernet VPN, MPLS or a managed MPLS connection. Depending on your needs a tailor-made solution can be designed for you. IP Visie will see your project through from start to finish.

KPN’s fiber-optic network provides unlimited data transport to all companies that need a high bandwidth (upload and download) and is available throughout the Netherlands.

Marcel Robles de Medina

Dagelijks ondersteun ik bedrijven op het gebied van verbindingen. Het maakt daarbij niet uit of het nu gaat om single site of multi-site configuraties. Door mijn jarenlange ervaring en mijn goede connecties binnen de KPN organisatie ben ik voor veel bedrijven hun gids op het moment dat ze op dit gebied zaken geregeld willen hebben. Regelmatig schrijf ik artikelen over onderwerpen die mij in de dagelijkse praktijk bezig houden en waarvan ik denk dat ze van toegevoegde waarde zijn voor de lezers.

consultant @ IP Visie

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